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Exhibition Schedule

● Registration, Move-in and Construction

09:00—21:00  October 31, 2015 General Construction / Exhibitor Installation

09:00---20:00  November 1, 2015     Exhibitor Installation

09:00---19:00  November 2, 2015     Exhibitor Installation


a. Exhibitors are required to inform show management of any overtime work before 2 p.m. each day during stand construction time.

b. Only the whole machine tools are allowed to moving-in and install in hall 2H/3H of MWCS on October 31.

c. The construction of Standard Booth will be finished on November 1 , 2015

● Exhibition Opening Hours

09:00---17:00    November 3-6, 2015     

09:00---16:00    November 7, 2015

● Dismantling Period

16:00---21:00  November 7, 2015      Exhibitor Dismantling

09:00—18:00 November 8, 2015  General Dismantling Exhibitor Dismantling

* Exhibitors should arrive in 30 minutes before the exhibition opening

* Power and compressed air will be supplied from 2 p.m. on November 1, 2015 to 4 p.m. on November 7, 2015.

● Venue for registration and opening

National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

 (No. 333 Songze Avenue, Qinpu District, Shanghai, China)

For more information of the venue, please access to http://www.cecsh.com/


Exhibition Procedure Walk-through and Notes

● Pre-show

1. Badge Pre-registration

Your exhibitor badges and contractor badges can be arranged from September 19 to October 29, 2015. Please refer to the details on Badge Claim Page to get your badges.

2. Stand Construction for Raw Space

Please send your stand construction material to our Official Stand Contractor before September 29, 2015. One-storey stands over 4.5 metres, two-storey, multiple-storey and outdoor stands should submit the drawings for inspection by the assigned drawing inspecter by NECC.

3. Exhibition Furniture/Facility Renting

Please contact with the Official Stand Contractor before October 16, 2015

4. Shell Booth Building

Please contact with the Official Stand Contractor before October 16, 2015 for any special requests besides shell booth building. Please confirm the name for stand fascia with Shanghai East Best & Lansheng International (Group) Co., Ltd., CIIF Branch before October 16, 2015

5. Freight Forward

Please contact with the Official Freight Forwarder before October 14, 2015 for overweight items.

● On-site procedure

1. Transportation

You can take Metro Line 2 to terminal East Xujing Station or bus lines #865, #706, #776 to entrance of National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) (North Entrance/Gate #9: No. 333, Songze Avenue; West Entrance/Gate #6: No.1888, Zhuguang Road).

2. On-site Registration/Badge-making

Registration and Badge-making desk is located at West entrance area (close to Gate #6) and Hall NH. You can pick up your exhibitor badge there.

3. Locate Your Booth

After picking up your badges, you can enter the Expo Center to locate your booth.

4. Shipping

If you choose to the Official Freight Forwarder for to forward your exhibits, please contact them directly. You can find more detail in the Official Freight Forwarder section of this manual. 

5. Booth Set-up

When you set up your booth after the booth construction and exhibit move-in, please pay close attention to our fire and safety regulations, for example, can’t occupy the public space or block the fire and safety facilities. You will be asked to make modification if your set-up violates those rules. Please feel free to contact us should you have any question.

6. Daily Entry

Exhibitors should to arrive in 30 minutes before the exhibition opening and leave in 30 minutes after the exhibition ends, including the 1st opening day

7. Exhibition closing

Exhibit hall will be closed at 4 p.m. on November 7, 2015. Please handle the matters for your exhibits back conveyance in advance. Any requirements of earlier moving-out will not be allowed 

8. Belongings

You are responsible for the safety of all your exhibits and personal belongings. It is not recommended to keep cash, expensive equipment or other valuables on-site unless it is necessary. If you have to store valuables on-site, please notify Expo Center’s security department.

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