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Introduction of Exhibit Award
in2008 China’s International Industry Fair

I. General Situation

China International Industry Fair (hereinafter called as CIIF) is a large-scale international fair at the state level, which has been authorized by the State Department. Award appraisement is one of the Fair’s four functions. This session of CIIF will continuously arrange four product’s awards, such as Gold Award, Silver Award, Copper Award and Innovation Award, and also arrange “Best Plotting Award for Property Trade” and “Most Potential Award for Technology Trade”, of which all aim at encouraging a batch of important technical equipment and relative products that represent advanced level in the world and have own intellectual properties and prosperous market. Under leadership of the CIIF Organizing Committee, this session of CIIF specially establishes an Award Appraisement Direction Committee organized by eight sponsors of CIIF, and Award Appraisement Section organized by the National Development & Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology etc. The former is responsible for preparing award appraisement management rules, directing award appraisement and checking appraisement results; the latter is responsible to executing award appraisement functions. On the basis of appraisement principles-“Equity, Justness and Publicity” and “Limited Target, Putting Quality Before Quantity”, the quality of awarded exhibits is well ensured by strictly controlling their quantity and quality via evaluations and appraisement conducted by famous experts and professors domestically and overseas. Therefore, competing for the awards in this session of CIIF is a good opportunity for the exhibitors to display own miens and to re-set up own brands.
The award appraisement in this session of CIIF will be strictly conducted according to “Award Appraisement Management Rules of CIIF” to build CIIF image of “Internationalization and Commercialization”, to incarnate principal effect of convergence for key technical equipment and high-technology, and to promote technical development into high-level for continuously stepping up authority and representative of all awards in CIIF; Simultaneously, via its followed strong propagation, it can enhance influence of the awarded products to build up the award appraisement in this CIIF session as a display window for latest technologies and products in today’s world industrial areas, and to become an important stage for enterprises domestic and overseas to communicate and trade with each other.


II. Features of Award Appraisement

In short, there are five features in this award appraisement.
1. Authority: CIIF is a large-scale industrial exhibition at the state level with its main target to trade and to exhibit Hi-Tech equipment, which is also an unique international industry fair instated with award appraisement function for its exhibits in field of China’s exhibitions, it, therefore, has high reputation.
2. Criterion: Its award appraisement is conducted on the basis of “Equity, Justness and Publicity” principle and according to market mechanism; a set of scientific and logical appraisement system, management method and procedure is established.
3. Internationalization: Not only do the exhibits in the award appraisement come from enterprises and companies domestic and overseas, but also the experts and professors involving in the appraisement are domestic and overseas.
4. Sociality: Through appraisement, the engaged enterprises and the awarded products can figure their reputations and brands, which is beneficial for them to build up excellent impression of long term socially and to cast strong radiation, which is helpful for the awarded products to develop their market.
5. Maneuverability: Award appraisement conventions of famous exhibitions internationally are used for reference, merits of domestic different award evaluation methods are absorbed, and the features of CIIF are sufficiently considered, thus CIIF has good maneuverability.


III. Appraisement Criterion for Awards of Gold, Silver, Copper and Innovation

Variously awarded products must comply with the state development strategies and can materialize principles of energy-saving, environment protection and changed economic growth into technology and product development. The products must be produced by using advanced technique standards and must have their own intellectual properties (testified with intellectual property certificates such as patent document, copyright, IC layout design and etc., and novelty search report). Enterprise of the product must guarantee no any falsity in its application documents.
Competences for Gold Award exhibit: ① .The product or technology must comply with requirements of the state development strategies, be created first in the world or be at leading position globally, lead global or Chinese industry development trend, have materially breakthrough in the areas of globally-focused Hi-Tech industries, core technologies or key technologies of equipment manufactures, or top-level product R&D and commercialization; ② .The product or technology has great economic profits or prominent performance in social benefits, and has bigger roles to drive relative industries; ③ .The product or  technology has been granted with several intellectual properties.
Competences for Silver Award exhibit: ① .New product or technology in the leading areas of Hi-Tech industries or equipment manufactures is at the contemporary advanced level globally or is created first domestically; ② .The product or technology is strong in market competition, and has obvious social benefits and economic profits in the process of scientific and technical innovation, and commercialization; ③ .The product or technology has been granted with at least one intellectual property.
Competences for Copper Award exhibit: ① .The product or  technology is at the contemporary level internationally or the advanced level domestically; ② .The exhibit has certain social benefits and economic profits in aspects of informationalization-droved industrialization and Hi-Tech-adopted traditional industry; ③ .The product or  technology has been granted with at least one intellectual property.
Competences for Innovation Award exhibit: ① .It is the first time for the product or technology to exhibit in CIIF; ② .The exhibit has certain creation or innovation, and is at the contemporary advanced level globally; ③ .The product or technology is better at growth and market development potential.


IV. Appraisement Procedures

1. If applying for award, the exhibitor shall fill out basic documents, such as the Award Application Form, and then submit them to Office of the Award Appraisement Section. Address: Room 107, Building 8, No. 100, Gui Lin Road, Shanghai China, 200234; Phone: 86-21-64321087, Fax: 86-21-64321087; E-mail: xzw@vip.163.com, shxtb@163.com.
2. Award Appraisement Section organizes experts domestic and overseas to conduct evaluation on “Application Documents” to determine a list for further appraisement.
3. Award Appraisement Section organizes experts domestic and overseas to conduct “Practicality Appraisement” at locale of CIIF, to check its actual level and exhibiting effect, and then to form a recommendation list.
4. Award Appraisement Direction Committee audits the appraisement process, and to examine and approve the recommendation list offered by expert’s appraisement.
5. CIIF Organizing Committee finally approves the awarded exhibit list examined and submitted by the Award Appraisement Direction Committee.
6. A ceremonial is celebrated to issue certificate to the awarded enterprise

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