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Fair hints at future of manufacturing

TECHNOLOGY The 16th China International Industry Fair (CIIF) attracted much attention from the public when it opened Tues- day in Shanghai. Exhibitors at the fair represent the vanguard of the world'smanufacturing sector. Of course, Chi- nese companies are well represented, with plenty of first-class products from cutting-edge manufacturers.

Right now, many in the industry are concentrating on automation and environmental protection equipment.

Technologies related to these trends are thought to represent the future of industrial manufacturing. Robotics in particular is expected to become increasingly important in China as the country's economy rebalances.

China, like many other countries, is moving closer toward developing its own version of “industry 4.0” - or, the fourth stage of the industrial revolu- tion, a phase of development which incorporates computerization within the manufacturing sector. Advanced information networks make it easier than ever before for machines to handle complex tasks once performed by humans. Progress in intelligent devices, the Internet and cloud computing are likely to promote this trend. Exhibits at the CIIF showcase the strides Chinese companies have made in this direction.

Based on an editorial from Shanghai Business Daily.

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