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As the only major industry exposition of the awards function in China, China International Industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as "CIIF") is approved by the State Council. As China’s most influential, premier and biggest industrial brand exhibition, the 17th CIIF will move to National Exhibition and Convention Center at Hongqiao CBD. This year’s CIIF will focus on the intelligent upgrade of manufacture industries and its development trend, giving express to the topic of “Innovation-driven, Intelligently-transformed and developing clean.” An impressive and high-quality CIIF will be on the show.

CIIF awards include two categories: Product award and Innovation award. Product serial consists of Gold award, Silver award and Glod industrial design award. Innovation serial comprises Gold innovation award, Silver innovation award and Innovation award. Awards appraisal work will be strictly followed the provisions of Regulation on the CIIF Awards Appraisal Work. The final award winners will go through the course of exhibitors’ voluntary application, assessment by experts, final appraisal by the Steering Committee of CIIF Awards Appraisal Work and final approval by the CIIF Organizing Committee. An ceremony will be held in the duration of CIIF, and awards winners will be given trophies and certificates.

The 17th CIIF now begins accepting exhibits award application. Exhibitors can log on the website of CIIF "(www.ciif-expo.com), see awards appraisal section or consult with the exhibition organizer asking for exhibitor manual. You can also call CIIF award appraisal department for further information. Applying CIIF award, the exhibitor needs to complete the application and registration procedures. The online application platform (IP Add: is now opening. Should the exhibitors are interested in applying CIIF awards, please keep watch on our website and the issued announcements online.

Welcome all exhibitors to register and participate in applying the 17th CIIF exhibits awards!
Please Contact:
The Award Appraisal Department of China Industry International Fair
Address: 15th Floor, No.511, Weihai Road, Shanghai 200041, PRC 
Contact person: Ms. Dongmei Hu
Tel: 021-61717622 / 15601807109
Fax: 021-61717633
E-mail: ciifaward2015@163.com

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