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The record breaking will promote successful launching of the new session

To prove the strength of the manufacturing influence, China International Industry Fair 2016 has its status to win strong industry credibility and support.

Trade professionals and exhibitors are unanimous in their verdict:

China International Industry Fair 2016 was a major success! 

- Attendance up: 168,639 visitors from 83 countries and regions.

- Highly international: 13.78 % increased from abroad compared with last year. 

- 155,527 trade professionals among all visitors 

- Participation by some 2,556 companies from 28 countries and regions.

- CIIF 2016 covered an exhibition area of 273,229 square meters, a 18 percent increased compared with last year.

- The largest ever fringe program with 52 sessions were delivered also reinforce the status of CIIF in the industry.

- Russia as the first partner country of CIIF brought over their leading enterprises and research institutions of raw material and manufacturing industry.

CIIF 2017 is a professional show where business opportunities can be explored.

Each theme shows has their new year plan to further process.

MWCS (Metalworking & CNC Machine Tool Show) are planning to classify some part of exhibition area by buyer industry with car body, chassis, spare part, engine, logistic handling, automatic production line and so on .

IAS (Industrial Automation Show) will even enlarge the exhibition hall with 25% increased and also the new exhibitors will choose the leading companies in the same industry.

EPTES( Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Show) will keep the industrial cleaning, energy-saving technology and also enlarge the field of Commercial Laundry.

ICTS ( Information and Communication Technology Show) will remain the momentum of the rapid growth of its sales performance in 2016, it planning to keep this strategy for smart city and the innovative salon for the new attempt.

ES (Energy Show) will classified into 3 exhibiting zone, they are new energy area, industrial electric area and domestic government pavilion. Onsite visitors will get industry subdivision information and save their time.

NEAS ( New Energy Auto Show) will change the exhibiting area to new energy and for intelligence connection with web. Trending inevitably for the new energy automobile , the emerging internet company such as NEXTEV, LETV and Alibaba , they all pay more attention for the new domain of the internet car, the spotlight of driverless and the relevant spare parts like lithium battery will gain more concern.

RS (Robotics Show) will focus more on the area of service robot and present the technology of the artificial intelligence.

NMIS ( New Material Industry Show) which start from 2015, it is the show focus on basic materials (specially the industry of nonferrous metals and rare earth), the equipment with new material , the material application and plan to make onsite match-making with the industrial field of Automobile, Rail transportation, Shipping, Aerospace, Electron, Energy and Robotics.

CAATS (China Aerospace and Aviation Technology Show), this is the Biennial event since 2009, this year is the fourth edition as the best platform to present the latest achievements in aviation and aerospace industry, as well as numerous manufacturing counterparts to gain a valuable communication opportunity.

Except the exhibition, all the umbrella shows will build brand forum and seminar in each industrial field. CIIF 2017 is subject to adapt the demands of the development of China's transformation of global energy, resources, environment and other constraints, and the predicament of the development of world economic globalization and multi-polarization, choosing the world concept in the development of equipment manufacturing industry, the forefront of technology, economic and management issues, reporting and forward-looking focused, professional, academic characteristics and got very good response.


For press enquiries, please contact: 

Flora Hu, Communications, CIIF Branch, Shanghai East Best & LanSheng (Group) Co., Ltd

Tel: +8621 22068386

Fax: +8621 62790302

Email: florahu@shanghaiexpogroup.com

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