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2009-03-23 12:31:48

China International Industry Fair 2009 (CIIF 2009 in brief) is the 11th session after its birth. As the very beginning of the new decade, aimed by world equipment manufacturing promotion, the organizer of CIIF 2009 will firmly implement national policies, supply quality services. CIIF 2009 will tide over difficulties together with all the exhibitors and visitors/buyer facing the global economic crisis and make efforts to create CIIF 2009 an international grand industry event!  Shanghai World Expo (Group) Co., Ltd.(SWEG in brief), as the exclusive management of CIIF has already launched organization of exhibitors and professional visitors/buyer in all-around for period of time of CIIF 2009.

Focus on trade, catch chance in crisis

Facing the spread of global crisis from finance to real economy, China government decided to invest 4,000 billion RMB in 2 years to cope with the crisis and China state council declared the plan for the manufacture industry revitalization these days. CIIF 2009 will be held at the end of this year, while the purchase plan which government suggested begins. CIIF 2009 will then fully take the advantage of the resources from the government and associations federation to promote the trade between exhibitors and buyers on-site.

Till now, SWEG has made communication and negotiations with part of organizers and chambers, such as Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Machinery Industry Federation, China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Machinery & Electronic Products, Society of Automotive Engineers of China, China Electro-technical Society, etc,. The government ministries agree to mobilize more resources or supports on CIIF 2009 under the affirmation of the CIIF 2008's success while the chambers/societies will have a deeper cooperation on exhibitors/buyer recruitment.

Strengthen core shows, expand new fields

CIIF 2009 is composed of seven themes shows. Energy show will focus more on power and electrical technology, key technology & equipment show will not exist independently when China Aerospace and Aviation Technology Show is newly established. There are no changes in other 5 theme shows, they are: Metalworking and CNC Machine Tool Show, Industrial Automation Show, Environmental Protection Technology & Equipment Show, Information & Communication Technology Show, Scientific & Technological Innovation Show, China Aerospace and Aviation Technology Show.

Metalworking and CNC Machine Tool Show (MWCS in brief)

As one of the theme shows set up with Hannover Messe cooperatively, MWCS could take more advantage of overseas channels from partner Hannover Messe to improve exhibitor/ buyer recruitment and invite together international leading supplies and buyers to participate CIIF 2009. Besides, MWCS will keep on cooperation with Society of Automotive Engineers of China and Taiwan Machinery Association Industry who will organize the subordinate enterprises to participate or visit CIIF 2009.

Industrial Automation Show (IAS in brief)

IAS is committed to become a China first-class international grand event in industrial automation field, during which the top industrial automation enterprises and latest technologies/ products will gather and related conferences and activities be established over the same period.  What will be done above-mentioned is to offer a platform on which all the exhibitors and professional visitors can communicate and trade freely and adequately.

Energy Show (ES in brief)

ES will focus on the electronic technology domain, extending the exhibit categories last year, especially on power, electric and electrical equipments/ technologies. By keeping on the cooperation with related association, inviting professional buyers to purchase that China Electro-technical Society and Shanghai electric power trade association, etc. will surely organize forums and business-matching on-site depending on strong members' power.

Information & Communication Technology Show (ICTS in brief)


ICTS plans to emphasize on four highlights, such as ‘3G system', 'LED product and its application', 'computer hardware and software', 'integrated circuits and electronic components'  under the theme of ‘Integrating informatization with industrialization'.


Environmental Protection Technology & Equipment Show (EPTES in brief)


EPTES will follow the themes of ‘Green, Energy-saving, Environmental Protection' to promote actively saving energy, enhance comprehensive and circulate application of resource, improve renewable resource system. Waste treatment and recovery, water treatment, transportation energy saving, new energy technology and equipment will take the highlights.


China Aerospace and Aviation Technology Show (CAATS in brief)

As the new theme show established by CIIF 2009, CAATS will display new technologies and products in Aerospace and Aviation field , including Aerospace Technology/ Aircraft & Engines/ Avionics, Aircraft Systems, Components/ Aviation Engineering/ MRO/ Manufacture equipment & aviation materials/ Airports & ATC/ Training/ Other relevant services and activities related with the above items. In sake of the industrial chain relationship, CAATS will widen the fields of which exhibitors and professional visitors belong to.


Listen to exhibitors, serve professional visitors


As CIIF 2008 finished, SWEG CIIF Branch had a return visit to exhibitors, taking the feedbacks and advices from exhibitors and professional visitors of CIIF 2008 in a wide range.  

According to statistics, over 50% of exhibitors of CIIF 2008 expressed their willingness to participate CIIF 2009 on the no-narrow exhibition scale, some exhibitors have already confirmed the booth area such as Siemens, ABB, Fujitsu, etc.

To serve the exhibitors better, SWEG will draw views and suggestions all around as well as take various methods to organize/invite professional visitors, which intend to improve exhibiting effect and onsite trade CIIF 2009.

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