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China International Industry Fair(CIIF in brief)—The latest status of City LED lighting products and equipment exhibition


National Ministry of Science and Technology held the symposium of LED lighting application and City demonstration project in the morning of March 16. The symposium decided to promote the pilot program and expand the pilot scope of "10 cities with thousands of LED lights" project, and would approve more than 20 pilot cities. Each city will promote the use of LED lighting (street lights, tunnel lights, subway (Light Rail), gas stations, underground car park, etc.) with more than 10,000 LED lights.


In accordance with national policy guidance, as well as the special government background of CIIF, City LED lighting products and equipment exhibition has invited a group of top manufacturer, and will give full play to its advantages, cooperate with China Association of lighting Industry Solid-State LightingSSL Committee and Shanghai Optoelectronics Trade Association to organize the officials and representatives from more than 20 pilot provinces and cities’ Science Department, "10 cities with thousands of LED lights" project offices and World Expo Group to visit and have business talk. All above are to build a platform of promoting procurement.



During this exhibition, we will also hold an introduction meeting which will invite the relevant leaders of Ministry of Science and Technology to explain the policy, and organize experts to evaluate the best product which will be given the appropriate honor and recommended to other key projects in coming year . (For more information, please contact with organizer at 021-22068390.)


The previous participants are listed as shown below.


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