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MEP Enhances Environmental Supervision on Dismantling and Treatment of Used Home Appliances


SourceMinistry of Environmental Protection The PRC


In order to carry out the policy of the State Council on promoting domestic demand and giving subsidies to buy new home appliances while phasing out used ones, ensure that the used home appliances collected herefrom are properly dismantled and treated, and promote the implementation of the Regulations on the Administration of the Recovery and Disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Products (No.551 Order of the State Council, hereinafter referred to as the Regulations), MEP issued the Guidelines on Implementing the Policy of Giving Subsidies to Buy New Home Appliances while Phasing out Used Ones and Intensifying the Environmental Management on the Dismantling and Treatment of Used Home Appliances (hereinafter referred to as the Guidelines), instructing the environmental protection departments of provinces and municipalities in the pilot projects to raise their awareness, clear their thoughts, and earnestly do well in organizing and supervising the dismantling and treatment of used home appliances.
The Guidelines noted that local environmental protection departments at all levels should regard the problems related to dismantling and treatment of used home appliances as the priority in recent days, and pay close attention to carrying out these tasks. They should follow the principle of "adjusting measures to local conditions, taking into consideration all factors and making overall arrangements, and being market-oriented and government-subsidized", properly handle the relationship of the immediate and long-term interests, make sure that the used home appliances generated from this initiative can be properly handled, and follow the Regulations, impose strict conditions for qualification licensing of the dismantling and treatment enterprises, enhance the environmental regulation, protect the ecological environment and promote the use of resources. They should, according to the instructions of local governments, select by strict environmental conditions the enterprises able to handle used home appliances, enhance the coordination and communications with relevant departments, ensure that collected used home appliances are dismantled and treated by the above-said enterprises, and guide the enterprises that hit the bidding to set a reasonable price for used home appliances.
Efforts should be made according to the Guidelines to enhance the environmental regulation in the process to dismantle and treat used home appliances. Supervision should be introduced to see whether the enterprises dismantle or treat used home appliances according to relevant laws, standards and regulations, ensuring that the pollutants are emitted according to relevant standards. Enterprises without thorough treatment ability should transfer the dismantled goods to entities that can meet environmental standards, avoiding environmental pollution caused by disorderly use of such goods. Supervision should also be introduced to urge such enterprises to establish information management system and prepare business log, and report on a regular basis the information on dismantling and treatment to the environmental protection department. Efforts should be made to severely crack down on activities to illegally dismantle and treat used home appliances.
The Guidelines noted that efforts should be made to further improve the policy measures and work out plans for the development of the industry on treatment of used home appliances. Under the guidance of the government, on the basis of the policies, following the market-oriented principle, and with the enterprises as the main force, efforts should be made to promote the specialization and industrialization of this industry and encourage cross-region joint mechanism on treatment of used home appliances. The country should work harder on scientific and technological innovation, make full use of the country's advantage of labor force, and develop technologies and equipment for dismantling and treatment that meet our national conditions. Efforts should be made to enhance the institutional construction, pay close attention to developing and implementing local rules of implementation of the above Regulation, establish sound supporting policies and relevant standards and regulations, and work out and implement preferential tax policies for the dismantling and treatment enterprises.


(This English version is for your reference only.In case any discrepancy exists between the Chinese and English context, the Chinese version shall prevail.)

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