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Sino-Japanese Economic Elite Forum—Integrating the environmental protection equipment and technology into Shanghai city construction


As a important component of this EPTES, the forum of "Integrating the environmental protection equipment and technology into Shanghai city construction-Reflections on the sustainable development of economic growth, Sino-Japanese Economic Elite Forum" was held in the Auditorium of Shanghai International Conference Center in the afternoon of November 3,2008.

Along with rapid economic development, a great loss of environmental resources are brought to China. For realizing the sustainable development, further energy-saving measures and environmental protection has been indispensable. In the past, Japan had experienced the period that one-sided emphasis on economic development and lead to serious damage to the environment. However, Japan not only improve the energy efficiency of 37%, but also reduce the oil consumption of 8% while doubled GDP in past 30 years. China's sustainable development can refer to Japan's experience. The key point of it is that Japanese enterprises play their core role in environmental protection field. The entrepreneurs combine the sustainable development with enterprises' long-term development, and with strong sense of social responsibility. To conclude, this is the "leader" mode of Japan. This mode plays an important role in promoting the energy-saving and emission reduction to achieve the sustainable development.

Mr. Cai Wei, vice chairman of Shanghai People's Political Consultative Conference, attended and addressed the forum, he expressed warm welcome to the participants and entrepreneurs of Japan and hoped that they could give out their opinion freely in accordance with the theme of " Integrating the environmental protection equipment and technology into Shanghai city construction-Reflections on the sustainable development of economic growth " with more valuable suggestions. Afterward, Mr. Lin Kangfu, the chairman of Japan External Trade Organization made a keynote speech which entitled "Reflections on the sustainable development of economic growth". He pointed out that to achieve the sustainable economic development not only depends on the driving force of the government, but also rely on the corporate action. To this end, Mr. Lin Kangfu specially introduced the current situation and future direction of development of the energy saving and environmental protection industries.

Deputy governor of Aichi, Japan, Mr. Takashi Inagaki, introduced that there were enormous change occurred on the focus of environment and environmental measures. And carried out proper steps such as  optimizing both the research facilities of new energy sources, improving the learning condition of environmental knowledge. Fang Fang, deputy director of Shanghai Environmental Protection Agency, made a speech of "Shanghai's environmental protection and sustainable development", and gave a brief introduction of every effort that put on the strategy of sustainable development and the implementation of environmental protection. In the meantime, she also introduced the valuable experience gained. The representatives of both China and Japan gave the speech respectively. Among them, Mr. Miyaguchi, the executive director of Mizuho Corporate Bank, mentioned in his speech of "The Sino-Japanese cooperation in the fields of Japanese corporates' social responsibility, energy saving and environmental protection" that many Japanese companies are devoted to CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities as well as environmental issues.

In last December, Chinese and Japanese governments issued the "Joint communiqués on the promotion of cooperation in the field of environment and energy", during Yasuo Fukuda, Japanese Prime Minister's visit to China. Based on the content and approach of this Joint Communique, Japan External Trade Organization and Shanghai World Expo ( Group) Co., Ltd. jointly organized the forum, aimed at raising awareness of the world's most advanced technology and equipment of energy saving and environmental protection, developing and promoting the advanced technologies of conservation, substitution, recycling and pollution control, achieving the sustainable development of economy.

The forum is successively chaired by Mr. Dai Liu, chairman of Shanghai World Expo (Group) Co., Ltd. and Mr. Yasuo Onishi, head of Japan External Trade Organization Shanghai Office. More than 400 representatives of each side attended this forum.


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