17-21 September 2019
Shanghai Zhenhua receives special award for world's largest heavy lift vessel

Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co exhibits a model of its 12,000-ton heavy lift vessel at the 19th China International Industry Fair.

Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co received a special award today at the 19th China International Industry Fair for developing the world's largest heavy lift vessel — an example of China's progress in advanced ocean engineering technologies.

The company spent nearly eight years to develop the ship, which can carry up to 12,000 tons of — equivalent to the total weight of around 70 Boeing 747-200 airplanes. The vessel weighs 44,000 tons and is nearly 300 meters long and has a deck as large as two-and-half football fields.

"The ship showcases China's latest heavy-lift technology for offshore engineering," said Yao Hai, engineer at Zhenhua who is involved in the ship's design.

The ship's single mechanical arm can lift 12,000 tons, while competitor Italy-based Saipem only managed to lift 7,200 tons with one arm, Yao told Shanghai Daily today.

The industry fair also saw another special award being awarded to the No.4 meteorological satellite, developed by the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology. The satellite helps to predict weather climate changes and earth monitoring more accurately.

Source: SHINE Editor: Wang Xiang

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