How to be an exhibitor-CIIF 
How to be an exhibitor

Step 1:Get the information of CIIF and choose the target theme show according to your product


Topics of CIIF theme shows


   Metalworking and CNC Machine Tool Show


  Exhibits Category: Metal Cutting Machine Tools, Metal Forming Machines, Non-traditional machines and special purpose machines , Numerical control systems, digital readout units, machine tool apparatus, Machine Toll Components And Auxiliary Equipments, Abrasive, cutting tools, tooling, jig fixture & related products, Inspection , measuring equipments


   Industrial Automation Show


  Exhibits Category: Production Automation, Process Automation, Electrical Systems, Industrial Automation IT & Software, Microsystems Technology



   Environmental Protection Technology & Equipment Show


  Exhibits Category: Cleaning Machines and Accessories, Air pollution control technology and equipment, Energy saving technology and equipment, Waste disposal, Water treatment technology and equipment, Environmental monitoring instrument and laboratory equipment, The cyclic economy and comprehensive utilization of resource recycling



   Information & Communication Technology Show


  Exhibits Category: Information Perception , Information Transmission, Information Process, Others, Key Application Area



   Energy Show


  Exhibits Category: Power stations, power station technology, Electricity generating sets, Control equipment, measurement and control equipment for power engineering, Regenerative primary energy sources, renewable energy,Electrical energy conversion,distribution,storage, Energy transmission and conduction, Power electronics



   New Energy Auto Show


  Exhibits Category: New Energy Vehicle, Powertrain, New Energy Auto Part,Charge Equipment,Auto Design



   Robotics Show


  Exhibits Category: Industrial Robot, Robot parts ,Machine Vision ,Total solution



   Scientific & Technological Innovation Show


  Exhibits Category: Achievements of Scientific and Technological Innovation by Research Institutes, Colleges and Universities



   China Aerospace and Aviation Technology Show


  Exhibits Category: Aircraft,Airframe Design and Production, Engines, Avionics Systems, Components, Engineering Solutions, Test Equipment, Design Solutions, Training Service, Structures, Aircraft Interiors



Step 2: Contact the project team of theme shows or fill the application form via website.


Click to apply to be an exhibitor of CIIF 2015


Step 3: Sign the contract of participation, confirm the stand location and pay the rental fees


Step 4: Do the preparations of your stand.


Step5: On-site registration, get through to venue and proceed the work of participation.



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