Rail transit


1.Bus No.865:Go to Shanghai Zoo(Line 10).Caoheji development Zone (line 9).Jinjiang Park (Line 1).
2.Bus No.706:Go to Jiuting Subway Station (Line 9).
3.Bus No.776:Go to Ziteng Rd (Line 10).Zhongshan Park(Line 2.3.4)
1.Shanghai Area:
1)Yan'an Elevated Rd and the South of Outer Ring
 •Jiamin Elevated Rd - Jianhong Elevated Rd - East Yingga Rd - the designated areas of NECC
 •East Yinggang Rd - Zhuguang Rd - Songze Avenue - the designated areas of NECC
2)Beidi Elevated Rd and the North of Outer Ring:
  •Jiamin Elevated Rd - Songze Elevated Rd - Songze Aver - the designated areas of NECC
2.Yangtze River Delta - Hangzhou/Ningbo/Suzhou From G60/G2 together to G15 -
 •Songze Avenue Ramp - Songze Avenue - the designated area of NECC
 •Songze Avenue - Zhuguang Rd - East Yinggang Rd - designated area of NECC
Shanghai regional figure


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