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NECC(Shanghai)Sep 19-23 2003
Awards introduction

Notice on Acceptance of Application for Exhibit Awards of the 21st China International Industry Fair

China International Industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as "CIIF") is the only large-scale industrial fair granting awards approved by the State Council. As the most influential, largest scale and highest level of international industrial brand fair in China, the 21st CIIF will be held at National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai).

CIIF will set the CIIF awards (referred to as the “CIIF Awards”), and the total number of awards will be no more than 10 (inclusive). Furthermore, based on the participation results, “CIIF Robot Award”, “CIIF Industrial Automation Award” and “CIIF New Material Award” and other theme awards will be set. The total number of each theme award will not exceed 10 (inclusive). The awarding will be organized and implemented by the Award Appraisal Department of CIIF together with the organizers of the theme shows and concerned industry associations. The awarding work will strictly follow the provisions of the “Administrative Measures of the Awards of China International Industry Fair”. After the voluntary application by exhibitors, expert review, the examination and approval of the Award Steering Committee and the filing with the CIIF Organizing Committee, the awarding results will be released at the opening ceremony of the 21st CIIF.

The acceptance of application for exhibit awards of the 21st CIIF will be launched in April. Exhibitors can visit the awarding column of the website of CIIF ( or ask the exhibition organizer for the exhibitor's manual to learn about the details, or call the Award Appraisal Office. Exhibitors applying for the awards can log in to the Online Application Platform (IP address:, key in the relevant exhibit information and complete the award application process, and submit the paper application documents as required. All exhibitors are requested to pay timely attention to the online application announcement published on the website of CIIF. Welcome all exhibitors to sign up for participating in the application for exhibit awards of the 21st CIIF.

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The Award Appraisal Office of China International Industry Fair
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Contact: Ms. Pan, 021-54669777-7812
Ms. Hu, 021-54669777-7816
Fax: 021-54663966


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