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About ICTS

About ICTS:
As a pillar show under the China International Industry Fair (CIIF), Information and Communication Technology Show (ICTS) focus on gathering and showcasing nowadays cutting-edge information technology and implementation from ICT manufacturers, suppliers, users all around the world in Shanghai China every November. 
Considering as a national-grade exhibition platform proved by China state council in China, ICTS aiming at connecting China supply and demand ICT market efficiently; creating a resourceful networking channel between enterprise and Chinese government; and offering a one-stop platform for ICT company to launch the new technology/product, branding, trading and communicating with potential clients, suppliers and venders.
ICTS is an interface between present and future, she adopt herself to the Global ICT market trends constantly.  For the year 2017, we refine our concept and create a transparent, user-oriented line-up. “Smart Manufactory(Industry Internet & Industrie 4.0)” and “Smart city 2.0” will be defined as show topics and the technology implement will be focused on “Cloud Computing”, “Big Data”, ”IOT”, “Mobile Internet”, ”Information Security”, ”Software and IT services”, ”Electronic Manufactory” etc. Product/ technology display on the show will demonstrate how the advanced Information technology makes positive efforts upon all level of city life.
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
National Development and Reform Commission
Ministry of Commerce
Ministry of Science and Technology
Chinese Academy of Science
Chinese Academy of Engineering
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Shanghai Municipal People’s Government
Show management: 
Donghao Lansheng(Group)Co.,Ltd.
7-11 Nov. 2017
- Smart Manufactory(Industry Internet & Industrie 4.0)
- Smart city 2.0
National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)
Exhibition accommodation:
Expected Trade Visitors:
Why to participate?
Exclusive national grade industry topic trade show proved by China Council
Target at connecting thousands of billion “ICT integration with industry” and “Smart City” market
155000+trade visitors who pursuing for industy integration and upgrading solution with ICT innovation
130 media with 2000+ report and stories
52+ concurrent forums and workshops
Customized exhibition package offer you great value with competitive prize
Who will visit
Entreprenueurs, CIO and management crews, Government officers, Engineers, IT and CT technicians from: Manufactory, electric power, petrochemical, steel, automobile, aviation, medical treatment, logistics, telecommunication, public security, government affairs, city infrastructure etc.
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