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  • Industrial Internet Interconnection: Communication Network Service, Industrial Ethernet, Network Switch, IDC, Internet
  • Industrial Internet Identification and Information Collection: RFID sensor, RFID product line, bar code, measurement and testing, biometric technology and products, core control chip and embedded chip, positioning technology, intelligent terminal products, AR&VR
  • Industrial Data Platform: Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Center Infrastructure (servers, storage devices, information systems integration), Data Analysis and Mining, Data Transaction
  • Industrial Software and Comprehensive Solutions: Enterprise Management Software ERP, Product Development and Design Software CRM, Enterprise Communication Software, Industrial Control Software R&D Software, Industrial Production Management Software and System Integration, MES/PLM, Embedded Software, Basic Software and so on.
  • Industrial Internet Security
  • Intelligent Factory
  • Industrial Internet Application Case: Intelligent Factory, Intelligent Logistics, Intelligent Transportation, Intelligent Mobile, Intelligent Building, Smart Grid, Intelligent Water, etc.

Theme analysis

  • Digital FactoryDF

How to manufacture the process of digitization? How to simulate, evaluate and optimize the whole production process with the application of modern digital manufacturing technology and computer simulation technology so as to extend to the entire product life cycle in a further way?
The answer is the product development cycle accelerated by manufacturing enterprises, as well as an important issue of improving quality and efficiency. IIS will show you concerned technology and solutions.

  • Big Data (BD)

In the era of digitization, all manufacturing, sales, and management processes will be presented in the form of numbers. Therefore, the value of data will be more and more essential in the process of production. The production process, in which the innovation of productions, the prediction and diagnosis of breakdown, the data application in production line, the forecast and demand of product sales, production planning and scheduling, the analysis and optimization of supply chain and so on is included, will also be more and more effective. IIS focuses on technologies and products, including infrastructure in data center (servers, storage devices, and information systems integration), data analysis and mining, data transactions and others.

  • Cloud Computing

In the era of Mobile Internet and Big Data, being raging like a storm, data plays a more and more important role in Internet transformation of all walks of our life. Nowadays, with the rapid growth of recent data scale and its complexity, the global data will surge to ZB magnitude soon afterwards. Enterprises will meet upgraded challenges when acquiring, dealing with and analyzing Big Data. So it is urgent for us to find a more efficient and integrated IT solutions to help companies to obtain insight from the massive data more quickly and accurately.

  • Measuring and Sensor Equipment

One of the key points of Intelligent Manufacturing is accurate measurement, rapid sense and feedback. Measuring and sensor equipments with powerful capability and cheap cost will be the core technology of industry development, which include RFID Sensor, RFID Product Line, Bar Code, Biometric Technology and Products, Core Control Chip and Embedded Chip, Positioning Technology, VR Technology.

  • Information Communication and Network

China’s communication network technologies and equipments have stood in international leading position. When the era of 5G is coming gradually, what kinds of opportunities and changes will bring to the industrial Internet Industry?

  • Network Security

In the past of three years, among members of the Internet industry alliance in 82 industrial enterprises, 28.05% of enterprises have appeared vulnerabilities, 23.2% of which is high-risk vulnerabilities. A risk of cyber attacks on large exists in these enterprises, so network security has become a very urgent issue. All levels of data security, control security, network security and equipment security need to be improved in the industry of Industry Internet.

  • Overall Solution

The essence of Industry Internet is that manufacturing department need improve quality, cut the cost and enhance efficiency in the manufacturing process. When the network is faster and faster, the performance of the sensor is more and more powerful, and the industry chain has made great progress in all aspects, the application of Industry Internet is raging like a storm. The power of the manufacturing boom appears in it.



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