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Exhibition Advantages
  • Face your user directly

China Industry Fair deeply feels the manufacturing enterprises’ desire for enhancing manufacturing capacity through information technology, deeply feeling the enterprises ‘demand for innovation and change. IIS works hard to invite the key people in manufacturing industry to visit exhibitions and select equipments at present. In 2017, there will be more than 160 thousand professional audience selecting equipments and purchasing good on the scene. Among sixteen industry categories, equipment manufacturing, infrastructure, public service, automobile manufacturing, communications, finance is the top five user industries, which is the good opportunity for you to face the user. So you only need to prepare the latest products and technologies.

  • The integration of information and industrialization in intelligent manufacturing platform

The Intelligent Manufacturing is the ultimate goal of “the manufacturing Chinese 2025”. Automation, digitization and intelligent is the three steps to achieve this goal. Together with CNC Machine Tool Show, Industrial Automation Show and Robert Show, IIS will provide relevant technology and solutions of intelligent manufacturing for users by providing a variety of industrial Internet technology and the integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing equipment. We aim to create the most authoritative and professional trading platform of intelligent manufacturing in China.

  • Industrial interconnection: The power to take off

On the one hand, industrial Internet industry is undergoing change rapidly changes, new technologies and products being emerged in an endless stream. On the other hand, the manufacturing industry is also seeking for suitable information technologies and products, in order to pour into new power for their own development. Everyone participate in this task, regardless of pussyfooters and practitioners. Leaded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and some other organizers, IIS takes “Industrial Interconnection -- the take-off power "as the theme. IIS exhibits the latest technology on industrial Internet, solutions and successful cases through collecting all parties of resources together from the government, association and industry, which gives the label of “made in China” famous in the world a boost.



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