The promotion tour of CIRR came to a successful conclusion.-CIIF 
1-5 December 2021 NECC(Shanghai)
The promotion tour of CIRR came to a successful conclusion.


The first tour of China International Resources Recycling Industry Exhibition (Hereinafter referred to as CIRR) was rounded off on June 29 in Zhangjiagang. The event was jointly organized by Shanghai World Expo (Group) Co., Ltd. and CBI Events, themed with "plastic recycling machinery market in China," and gathered more than 30 plastic recycling machinery enterprises, scrap suppliers, media units to attend this event.


Mr. Ma ZhiCheng, deputy general manager of Shanghai World Expo Group Ltd. CIIF Branch, he made a statement to the participants about the cooperative opportunity, development prospect and developing direction on CIRR. He pointed out that EPTES2010 would be themed with "Energy saving, Low-carbon economy, green environment", integrated with different industries' cooperation to achieve economic and environmental benefits, actively promote energy saving and consumption reducing, enhance the recycling utilization of resources, and improve the recycling system of renewable resources. With four years' substantial effort and untiring development, CBI Events has been an important industrial event of recycling industry. The timely cooperation of both parties will create a communication and cooperation platform for the environmental industrial insiders. Mr. Ma also indicated that EPTES would fully serve for environmental protection and resource recycling industries with the support from National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Shanghai Municipal People's Government, which following the national policy orientation of energy saving and emission reduction, promoting the building of resource conserving and environment friendly society. CIRR will be the best practice and representative.



As one of two suppliers of waste plastic, Mr. Sun Ziqiang, chairman of Yaxing (Taicang) Renewable Resources Development Co., Ltd. made an exciting speech that warmed the audience atmosphere. Mr.Sun simply analyzed the existent difference and disadvantage of plastics recycling machinery between China and Europe. He indicated that European plastics recycling machinery is dominant in high automatic degree, high productivity, speedy assembly line, and strong core technology and processing level. It contrasts clearly with China's lack of core technology, high failure rate, no after-sales service, incapacity of spare parts for meeting the international standard, neglect of environmental and safety performance. But he also expressed that Chinese plastic recycling machinery was faced with new opportunity under new circumstances: China is one of the global largest plastics producer. With the gradually increase in labor and management cost, it can be expected that automation and mechanization of Chinese processing industry would be greatly enhanced along with the change and upgrade of self-developed core technology, which will enable China's waste plastic recycling industry to upgrade. The insights and simply words of Mr.Sun which reflected the practical questions were the jewel in the crown of entire event, it aroused seriously thinking and heated discussion among the participants.



Mr.Tao Hong, senior consultant and senior teacher from CBI Information Research Center, shared his brief introduction and future development of Chinese recycling plastics market with participants. Moreover, Mr. Wang GuoFang, general manager of Jintan Spring Breeze Plastic Factory also shared his opinions and views with participants. He expected that the communication between CBI Events and government could provide practical convenience and support in policy guidance for enterprises, and also suggested to create more interaction and communication between machinery manufacturers and material producers, promote the smooth development and progress of industrial chain.



The event concluded with a warm and harmonious atmosphere. Many participants of plastic recycling machinery companies invited Mr. Sun Ziqiang to visit their factories, and explored further cooperation for the future. It is reported that the reason of choosing Zhangjiagang as the first tour stop of CIRR derives from being one of important origin places of Chinese plastic machinery and plastic recycling machinery, it has achieved remarkable results with rapid development. The fact proved that all participants showed their recognition and affirmation on the form and effectiveness of this event. For further demonstrate their strength and technology in the international arena, many companies reserved booths at event site and commenced serial precise marketing and promotional efforts, they were ready to showcase in the EPTES-CIRR event of this November.

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