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Shanghai Daily: Event displays electronics and LED clearly

By Zhu Shenshen
Selected from: Shanghai Daily, November 11, 2010.



ENERGY efficient lighting, pad-like devices and Internet of Things, referring to wireless connections among various devices, are the highlights of China International Industry Fair 2010.

Top firms like Cree and Philips showcased their LED (light emitting diode) applications at the fair. Although relatively expensive compared with traditional lighting, LED is energy efficient as it can help cities save energy cost by 50 percent or more when used on public lamps.

Shanghai boasts 1.45 billion LED chips used for LED lighting, almost a 50 percent increase from several years ago. The city will invest more to promote LED in chip and application sectors, including auto and public lighting, said Shao Zhiqing, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology.

In China, Tianjin Municipality and Huizhou City in Guangdong Province have joined a global LED City plan to promote and adopt LED technologies. Now the plan has 24 cities from 7 countries, including the United States, Canada and India.

Top mobile carriers China Mobile and China Telecom showcased iPad-like devices during the fair. These devices allow users to access various services from video, music, reading and other services through the telcos' network.

Hanvon, China's No. 1 e-book reader vendor, also displayed upgraded devices with Wi-Fi, which allow users to watch and download books through its online book store stocked with 130,000 books.

"The mobile device demand is fueled by richer content and faster network connections," said Hu Jianbo, a senior official at the China Academy of Telecommunications Research under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The fair was also the biggest event after the recently-ended World Expo for firms to demonstrate the Internet of Things applications. The radio connection technology is widely used in energy, security, mobile payment and retail sectors, according to the show's organizer.


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