New energy automobiles vie with each other in CIIF-CIIF 
14-18 September 2021 NECC(Shanghai)
New energy automobiles vie with each other in CIIF

New energy automobiles vie with each other in CIIF


Nobody will be surprised by the news of high-level operation of crude oil prices. But it directly alerted governments, enterprises and consumers . Facing the limited petroleum resources, automakers have begun to implement the foresighted plans. To seek the new or transitional energy, this arduous task has been landed on the manufactures’ shoulders.

If that is not surprising that electric vehicles have been, the plug-in electric car which can be charged with ordinary household socket won't been seen more often. In EPTES, the “shanghai ” plug-in fuel-cell car which will serve EXPO 2010, is a real new energy sample car with completely independent intellectual property rights.
Based on power battery energy, auxiliary by fuel cell environmental system, the car can be powered by power battery and sustainably operated for more than 20 kilometers during short journey. The power battery can be charged with civil electricity during low-peak hours or night. The fuel cell system participates in the power provision and charges up the power battery. Moreover, this functional prototype equipped with newly developed miniwatt pressure type fuel cell stack, the size of fuel cell further reduced and realize the front mount of fuel cell engine.

Titled with “Green SAIC, Innovate the future”, SAIC presented the CIIF with five new-energy vehicles and own brand new products. These five new cars includes the “Shanghai” plug-in fuel cell car, “Passat” fuel cell car, Buick LaCrosse gas-electric hybrid vehicle car, as well as two own-brand new models of Rongwei Roewe550 and MG MG3SW.

Not come singly but in pairs. In Japan Fuji Electric Group's section, "wind power bus" is equally concerned about the new energy. Make full use of the power that generated by aerogenerator which installed in the city, convert wind energy into electric energy with power conversion device, and then supply power to the city buses through the transformer. That’s quite in line with the exhibition theme of Fuji Group, “Build a harmonious society with energy saving and environmental protection products”.





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