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14-18 September 2021 NECC(Shanghai)
The environmental protection and sustainable development of Shanghai

The environmental protection and sustainable development of Shanghai

Fannfang, deputy director of Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau

Shanghai adhere to strategy of sustainable development, centered with polluted emission reduction, based on the Shanghai environmental protection "3-year Action Plan", actively promote the coordinate development of economy and environment.

1.Step up effort to the adjustment of industry structure and pattern, promote the conversion of economic development way. The central urban adopts the strategy of removing the industrial enterprises but encourage the service trade, it's to direct the industrial enterprises' combination, relocation, transformation and management. The suburb energetically promotes the intensive control of industrial cluster and environmental pollution. The function, population and industrial pattern of Shanghai have been gradually developed with environment-oriented.

Since 2000, the proportion of tertiary-industry has been maintained at more than 50%,. The high-tech output value accounted for the proportion of the city's GDP reached more than 25% in 2007. The chemical oxygen demand emission intensity of every 10,000 yuan GDP and the sulfur dioxide emission intensity of every 10,000 yuan GDP decreased by 64% and 58% respectively than 2007.

2.Strengthen the environmental impact assessment and the gross control, promote the coordinate development of economy and environment from the source. Shanghai has established strict environmental access system, overall implemented the impact assessment of planning and regional environment, exerted every effort to solve the pollution problem which is caused by industrial planning and structure from the beginning of planning and decision-making, and offered the city development scientific and rational suggestions. In the meantime, in accordance with the polluted emission reduction item of the national "11th Five-Year" plan, it strengthened the system of "If approve projects, the total polluted emission should be assessed first ", and vigorously promoted the adoption of pollution reduction measures, speeded up the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, strengthened environmental monitoring and other means, so that the total discharge of major pollutants have been effectively cut. In 2007, the city's chemical oxygen demand and sulfur dioxide emissions cut around 3% than 2005.

3.Accelerate the environmental infrastructure construction, which achieve the economic and effective treatment on pollution. Environmental infrastructure construction is an important measure of pollution control as well as the important foundation to support the regional long-term sustainable development. After three rounds' implementation of Shanghai environmental protection "3-year Action Plan", the current system of city environmental infrastructure has been basically perfect. The city's sewage treatment scale has reached 5.565 million cubic meters / day; the inner ring area has realized "no coal-based"; all the coal-fired units of plants will complete the construction of desulphurization facilities in the "11th Five-Year" period. The city has basically formed the structure system of solid waste collection, transport, safe disposal and comprehensive utilization, the hazardous wastes and medical wastes are concentrated for safe disposal.

4.Explore the cyclic economy development pattern, promote the resource conservation and recycling use. The cyclic economy is the important handle and driving force to change the economic development way, construct the resource conservation and environment-oriented city. It's also the new economic growth area of city development. In recent years, Shanghai acted according to own characteristic, insisted the principle of "reducible, reusable, recyclable", carried out the demonstration pilot project of cyclic economy from industrial districts, enterprises, communities and all levels.With the means of "planning first, policy guidance, administrated by laws, economic incentives, support of science and technology, publicity and education", so that the concept of circular economy to gradually integrate into all areas of socio-economic. Now the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone and other industrial zones' circular economy pilot projects, Chongming Qianwei Village and other circular agricultural pilot projects, clean energy alternatives to coal-fired stove, separate collection of solid waste, comprehensive utilization of waste, recycling of waste materials, cleaner production of industrial enterprises have made rather results.

5.The innovative institutional mechanisms for environmental protection impelled the environmental management system's formation of "the government to lead, the entire society to advance with joint force". From 2000, Shanghai implements the Shanghai environmental protection "3-year Action Plan" every three years, and concentrates the manpower, material resource, financial resource and policy. It solves the acute environment problem which affects the present and long-term development of city. In 2003,  Shanghai Municipal government founded Shanghai Environmental Protection Committee which is commanded by the mayor and associated with all bureaus and district governments. Then formed the work style of "clear responsibility, coordinated consistency, orderly and efficient, effort to promote".

By 2007, the proportion of Shanghai city's environmental protection investment has accounted for over 3% of the city's GDP for 8 years against the previous same period. The total environmental protection investment exceeded 180 billion Yuan, of which more than 50% is of government investment.

Overall, Shanghai's environmental protection work is gradually deepening with the socio-economic development, and gradually take the "win-win" development road of economy and environment. By the end of 2007, Shanghai has achieved double-digit growth in the economy for 15 years consecutively, while environmental quality continuously improved. The air quality rate has maintained the rate of 85% for 5 consecutive years, and the city's water quality remained generally stable. The black-odor of Suzhou Creek mostly eliminated, and ecological functions was gradually being restored. The central urban area green coverage reaches 37.6 percent, and the per capita public green space reaches 12 square meters.

Expo 2010 will be held in Shanghai. Further strengthen the environmental protection, realize the "win-win" of economy and environment, build a environment friendly city have been the urgent internal needs of Shanghai city development. Hereafter, Shanghai will continue to adhere to environmental priority strategies, accelerate the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly city, to actively promote the transformation of the mode of economic development and environmental quality.

Environment is the city's "business card", but also the fruits of development that the public should be able to enjoy. We're expecting to add more luster on this card through our effort to attract more foreign environment-friendly enterprises to invest in Shanghai , and enhance the sustainable development of Shanghai to a new level.  To show the world a modern international metropolis image with more prosperous in economy , more harmonious in society, more friendly in ecological environment!


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