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14-18 September 2021 NECC(Shanghai)
One Billion Yuan Funds as Rewards for Promoting Rural Environmental Improvement,

One Billion Yuan Funds as Rewards for Promoting Rural Environmental Improvement,

Benefiting Nine Million People


SourceMinistry of Environmental Protection The PRC


Official concerned from MEP noted that since the special fund for rural environmental protection was established in 2008, 1 billion Yuan funds from the central budget have been gradually allocated to local departments, which will help to solve major environmental problems in over 1200 villages and reward 170 plus villages for their eco demonstration work. About 9 million people will benefit directly from it.
The official said, "to further implement the policy of promoting environmental protection through financial reward and expedite the solution of pronounced rural environmental problems according to the principles of national teleconference on rural environmental protection, the General Office, State Council, forwarded the Scheme for Carrying Out Policy on Promoting Environmental Protection through Rewards and Speeding up Solution of Pronounced Rural Environmental Problems" jointly issued by MEP, Ministry of Finance and NDRC, and made a sweeping arrangement on how to carry out the policy. Ministry of Finance and MEP steadily advance the integrated environmental improvement in rural area based on constantly improved management system for special funds as required by the scheme. The 1 billion Yuan funds are intended for key river basins and regions for water pollution control, major counties of national poverty eradication and development program and villages with serious environmental problems causing public concern. This is in line with the allocation principle featuring solving key problems, aiming at substantial results, openness and transparency, serving the particular needs of special funds and stressing supervision. Besides, measures were identified to reflect the effect of scale-up and demonstration and play the leading role of special funds. The program encourages environmental remediation across an expanse of villages troubled with similar pollution issues, construction of concentrated pollution control facilities that benefit a number of villages simultaneously and playing a bigger role of public environmental facilities in cities and township to enhance the remediation results.
The official revealed, among the 1 billion Yuan 920 million Yuan was meant to support environmental improvement in over 1200 villages with serious environmental problems. Of these villages, 70% were located in key river basins and region for water pollution control and key counties of national poverty eradication and development program. About 80 million Yuan was for more than 170 national environment-beautiful towns and national eco villages for their demonstration work. This investment will benefit over 9 million people and drive investment of 1.5 billion Yuan for rural environmental protection. 
The official said, the allocation process of special funds for 2009 was useful trial and practice of exploring a new path to rural environmental protection where approaches were adopted to ensure scientific distribution and connection between central and local governments as well as complementary use of local funds. This move supported the pilot areas of Hubei and Hunan Provinces for building a resource-efficient society and environment-friendly society and helped villages around Erhai with concentrated control of pollution from scattered animal raising and domestic sources, which will lead to big slash in pollution discharged into lakes. The integrated environmental improvement of a number of villages at Dahuofang Reservoir, Liaoning Province will be an attempt to joint construction and benefit-sharing of refuse and sewage treatment facilities around water source area. By bolstering the new villages for migrants of Ningxia Autonomous Region and coordinating effort to build a new socialist countryside, explorations will be made for effective ways to resettle ecological migrants from similar areas.


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