Shanghai Highly Group: New products implement energy-saving ideas-CIIF 
14-18 September 2021 NECC(Shanghai)
Shanghai Highly Group: New products implement energy-saving ideas


Shanghai Highly Group: New products implement energy-saving ideas

In this CIIF, Shanghai Highly Group's exhibits centered around its new product "heat pump" and developed its show with the theme of "Heat pump, Energy-saving, New life." Through the constructed “Highly Life Exhibition Hall”, it indicated the “heat pump” had entered our lives and widely used in all kinds of household electrical appliances. It displayed the “heat pump” operating principle through the created scenes, such as kitchen, bathroom, living room and other family scenes, had people experience the new sense of "heat pump" home, so that the concept of energy saving and environmental protection could achieve further development and promotion.

At the scene of show, the Highly-related engineer presented that the working principle of heat pump is use very little power-driven, transfer the air heat source which beyond minus 15 degrees into air generator resulting in having the generated heat released into water through the endothermic working fluid, and then cause the increase of water temperature. There’re several prominent advantages on this heat pump of Highly Group.

Firstly, it’s energy-saving. The energy efficiency of energy conservation is up to more than 3.0.
Secondly, it’s environmental protection. Using R410A environmental cold coal, it can absorb 3000W heat from 20 degree centigrade’s air.
Thirdly, it’s safe and reliable. With multiple security features, it can realize the sharing-time power control during light and peak time.
Fourthly, it’s widely applied. It can be used for hotels, schools, hospitals, beauty salons, swimming pools and families.


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