Implementing the scientific outlook on development, creating the new environment for Shanghai.-CIIF 
14-18 September 2021 NECC(Shanghai)
Implementing the scientific outlook on development, creating the new environment for Shanghai.
Implementing the scientific outlook on development, creating the new environment for Shanghai.
Shanghai Chengtou Corporation was founded in July, 1992. With the authorization from Shanghai Municipal government, Shanghai Chengtou Corporation, being a professional industrial investment group company, is engaged in the investment, construction and operation of the city's infrastructure facilities. It has raised over 200 billion Yuan during the last 15 years, invested in and built over 60 significant infrastructure facilities of road and bridge, tunnel, subway, environment, water supply and sewage, gas and housing for resettlement. It makes great contributions to solve three major problems of "traffic congestion, acute housing shortage, and environmental pollution", improve the city's comprehensive competitiveness and ensure the safe operation of city.
The forum's theme is "Integrating the environmental protection equipment and technology into the Shanghai Urban Construction". The theme which contains "scientific outlook on development "is just the idea that Chengtou always carry through on the environmental safe operation, environmental treatment and protection process. During the implementation of Shanghai urban construction and operation, Shanghai Chengtou fully recognizes the significance of constant introduction of advanced equipment and technology to enhance the comprehensive environmental protection ability and level.
Introduction of Chengtou Water Sector
Shanghai Chengtou Water sector is the key part of which is invested and operated by Shanghai water supply and drainage system. It's in charge of raw water and tap water supply of central city and part suburbs, flood prevention and drainage, sewage treatment.  It implements the comprehensive management on the investment, construction, operation and management of Shanghai water supply and drainage infrastructures.
Daily raw water capacity: 6.8 million m3
Daily tap water production capacity: 8.12 million m3
Sewage treatment capacity: 3.83 million m3
Flood prevention capacity: 1,351 m3/per second
Supply area: 2,201 square kilometers
Supply population: 11.33 million
For improving the capacity of Shanghai water supply and drainage system, Shanghai Chengtou is advancing the following projects: grass sand raw water source, reconstruction of Nanshi water plant, the reconstruction and expansion project of Bailonggang Sewage treatment Plant, etc.
Among them, the Grass sand raw water source project is for solving the problem of the raw water quality that from Shanghai. The new raw water source on Yangtze River was constructed from June 2007. Its reservoir is located at the mouth of Yangtze River and ShanghaiChangxing Island, with abundant water source and better quality. This project is consisted of the green sand reservoir item, pumping and water gate automatization item, Yangtze raw water river-crossing pipeline item, land-based aqueduct system and booster pump station. It can supply the fresh water of 7.19million m3 each day, with a total investment of 16billion Yuan. It's expected to be finished by the end of 2009. After the completion of this project, it will create a water supply system of "controlled by 1 center, raw water source from 2 rivers, and 3 water sources complement each other.
Nanshi waterworks renovation project is the supported project of Shanghai EXPO 2010, with a total investment of 915 million Yuan. Using top quality raw water source of green sand zone, the renovated capacity will be 0.5 million m3, which modified the original water system with ozone activated carbon process. The tap water quality can achieve the standard of the developed countries. At the same time, it will realize the first-class renovated goals that the overall coordination with the EXPO circumstance, advanced technology and elegant construction, rich humanities connotation.
The upgrading and expansion project of Bailonggang sewage treatment plant is the important item of the third round "3 years plan of environmental protection", with a total investment of 2.22billion Yuan. After its completion, the capacity of sewage disposal will be 2million m3 for each day that the scale will be the top in Asia, and it will undertake the 1/3 of COD emission reduction task of Shanghai.
For this project adopts advanced and mature AAO biological treatment technology, the disposed water will achieve the Level 2 national sewage discharge standard. As this project put into operation, it will overall improve the Level 2 sewage disposal ability of Shanghai urban, reduce the total emission rate of COD, further cut down the pollution load of Yangtze River mouth, effectively improve the Shanghai water environment quality.
Introduction of Chengtou City Environment Sector
Chengtou City Environment is mainly responsible for the collecting, traffic transit and waste disposal business of all kinds of solid living waste, and the infrastructures' planning, exploitation, investment, constructing and operation management of city environmental treatment and protection.
The finished projects of Chengtou City environment are: Shanghai Jiangqiao MSW incineration power plant (Phase 1), LaoGang MSW landfill (Phase 4), Shanghai intensive disposal base of hazardous waste and medical wastes, industrial solid waste disposal area, etc. Meanwhile, it also expands domestic environmental industry market actively to invest, construct and manage the important projects such as MSW incineration Power plant, MSW and medical waster landfill in Chengdu, Ningbo, Huai' an, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Qingdao, etc.
Among them, Shanghai Jiangqiao MSW incineration power plant (Phase 1) is the franchise BOT project of Shanghai Government, and the largest and most advanced MSW incineration plant power in China now. The designed capacity is 1500 tons every day. It's of advanced incineration technology and fume treatment technology. The second phase is already in the preparatory phase at present, the designed capacity will be 2000 tons every day.
LaoGang MSW landfill (Phase 4) is the earliest and largest sanitation landfill which is invested, constructed and operated with market-oriented operation in franchise way. The designed capacity is 4,900 tons every day, and the practical capacity is expected to 8,000 tons every day.
Shanghai MSW disposal center is the only one hazardous waste landfill zone of Shanghai. The safety and standard disposal of MSW are always given to priority. Meanwhile, there're 2 electronic waste disassembled lines, 1 PCB board waste processing line and 1 dry grinding lines, to ensure the maximization of resource recycling and zero emission of the electronic waste.
(Excerpt from the theme forum of EPTES, CIIF2008) -- "Integrating the environmental protection technology into Shanghai urban construction 2008"

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