HuaYi Group: Adhere to the “Green Chemical”-CIIF 
14-18 September 2021 NECC(Shanghai)
HuaYi Group: Adhere to the “Green Chemical”

HuaYi Group: Adhere to the “Green Chemical”


Guided by "integration" concept, Huayi Group has been targeting first-class chemical enterprise, using scientific and technological innovation, system innovation and management innovation as the primary means to accelerate the development and adjustment, to build a enterprise group with strong competitiveness. As continually optimizes the advantages of traditional industries, it brings up the core technologies of its own intellectual property rights, and develops clean energy, new materials, fine chemicals, fluorine chemicals, biological medicine, etc. to form a number of pillar industries.


With the clean use of coal as the leading role, Huayi Group has developed city gas, coke, methanol, phthalic anhydride, dimethyl ether, hydrogen fuel, CO and other products, made great progress in coal tar series, series of oils and fats chemicals, industrial gas series, series of activated carbon, zinc oxide series and water-reducing series. At the same time, it realized the energy comprehensive utilization and coal co-production in Wujing Chemical Park, increased energy utilization and added-value of its products.


Adhere to the concept of "green chemicals, recycling economy," HuaYi Group concentrated on displaying the high-tech and new energy purducts of its subsidiaries, such as Shanghai Tire & Rubber (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Warrior Shoes Co., Ltd., Shanghai Wujing Chemical Co., Ltd., etc. , which reflects the green concept of Huayi Group "make the city more exciting, have the life much better”, and its aim to rank among the world's TOP50 of chemical industry.


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