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ABB shares leading low carbon technologies and ideas with Chinese enterprises

ABB shares leading low carbon technologies and ideas with Chinese enterprises


Contributes to the release of book entitled "Green Innovation, Low-Carbon Development: A Collection of Green Economy and Low-Carbon Technologies, Products & Solutions from MNCs in China"

Beijing, January 24, 2011 –ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has contributed its latest low-carbon technologies, ideas, and proven practices in China in a well-organized and detailed manner to a book entitled "Green Innovation, Low-Carbon Development: A Collection of Green Economy and Low-Carbon Technologies, Products & Solutions from MNCs in China." The collection was recently published and circulated nationwide to share low-carbon advancements with local enterprises in a variety of industries and offer them valuable experience in this regard.

Ma Xiuhong, former vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), said, "I would like to offer my congratulations on the publication of this collection. All MNCs in China are expected to maintain continuous innovation under China's industrial policies. It should be every enterprise's goal to boost the green energy economy under the backdrop of the transformation of the economic growth model while aiding in the development of a resource saving and environmentally friendly society. We hope the MNCs in China will make consistent contributions to the country's development in this new era."

Jiang Haibo, vice president of ABB China, said, "With about half of our annual R&D investment going towards energy efficiency and low-carbon related technologies, ABB has a wealth of mature solutions, technologies, products and an abundance of successful cases that fit this profile. We hope our contribution to the collection will better share ABB's technologies and expertise with local peers and customers in every industry and provide them with valuable experience. As a global leader in power and automation technologies, it is part of our corporate social responsibility to promote low-carbon economic development and contribute to environmental protection."

In the collection, ABB systematically and thoroughly introduced its global leading energy efficiency concepts, methodology, management concepts, practical technologies, partner-services and proven cases in China in four categories: new energy development, energy efficiency in the power industry, industrial energy efficiency, and building and transportation infrastructure.

ABB has actively supported the construction of China's key projects, including west-to-east power transmission, south-to-north water diversion, west-to-east natural gas transmission, and the Three Gorges hydro power station. ABB is also an important contributor to numerous infrastructure projects, including high-speed railways, metros, harbours, airports, and intelligent buildings. The company supports wind, solar, and hydropower development, and participated in infrastructure and building construction for the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai Expo, and the Guangzhou Asian Games. ABB provided the HVDC system for the Xiangjiaba -Shanghai ±800kV HVDC transmission system – the world's longest and highest capacity power line, helping to improve line efficiency up to 93%. ABB low voltage drives helped customers save about 50 billion kWh of electricity over the past 15 years, enough to meet the electrical needs of all Beijing citizens for more than a decade, and reducing CO2 emissions by about 50 million tons.

As a global pioneer in energy efficiency, ABB boasts energy efficiency technologies covering the whole energy chain from primary energy exploitation, transportation, power generation and transmission, to industrial process and end-consumer power consumption. Based on its comprehensive knowledge and profound expertise, ABB delivers a series of sophisticated technologies, products, and solutions, spanning from high efficiency motors, cutting-edge drives, boiler combustion optimization, advanced process control, efficient robotic systems, green rubber tire gantries, optimization management for utilities, high efficiency transformers, advanced power transmission and distribution systems, intelligent building products, renewable energy solutions, to water treatment systems. The company is also committed to further improving the energy efficiency of every sector along the energy chain through consistent innovation and service offerings. Statistics show that ABB's advanced systems and technologies could help customers reduce energy loss by 20-30 percent in the general case.

Co-produced by 24 well-known MNCs in China including ABB, the Collection was compiled under the guidance of relevant departments of the National Development and Reform Commission and with full support from MOFCOM since the second half of 2010. It was designed to establish an effective approach to facilitate the introduction of advanced low-carbon technologies and efficient practices in development of a green economy and the building of a resource-recycling society in China. During the preparation process, ABB contributed its best efforts, including both manpower and insights, in support of this idea sharing initiative.

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