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Highlights of the China International Industry Fair


THE Swiss engineering group is exhibiting robots equipped with a vision-guided system which can quickly identify objects and respond accordingly. The vision-guided system, after seven years of engineering innovation, is the most reliable and durable solution available, ABB said.


Shanghai Electric

ITS 16,500-ton oil hydraulic press, a mechanism for applying a large lifting or compressive force, is the world's largest. The machine, co-designed and produced by Shanghai Electric and the Chinese Academy of Heavy Machinery, is set to support the development of China's nuclear power, shipbuilding, aerospace and defense industries. China has long relied on imports for such equipment.


 Siemens AG

THE Siemens Drive Technology Division launched three innovative products, the Sinamics V10 inverter, 1LE1 motor and Motoxgeared motors, which feature robustness, flexibility, energy-saving and high efficiency, applicable widely to pumps and fans, textile, conveyor systems and machine manufacturing industries.

  The Sinamics V10 inverter is a frequency inverter with basic functions for a variety of industrial variable-speed drive applications while the new 1LE1 motor series could save up to 40 percent of power compared with a conventional motor.


SAIC Motor Corp

THE nation's biggest auto maker is showcasing its latest progress in developing self-owned technologies by presenting its new energy-saving vehicles. The five new models include the Shanghai-branded fuel-cell sedan, the Volkswagen Passat Lingyu fuel-cell vehicle and the Buick LaCrosse Eco-hybrid sedan.

  The Shanghai-branded fuel-cell vehicles, which will ferry passengers during the 2010 World Expo, can drive 20 kilometers with power generated by on-board batteries.

  The Buick LaCrosse Eco-hybrid, powered by both fuel and batteries, has already begun production.

By Fu Chenghao

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