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SINAMICS S120 new series officially released in China

SINAMICS S120 Localization Ceremony has been successfully launched in the morning of Jan. 28th in Tianjin SEDL.
The Drive Technologies Division of Industry sector, Siemens Ltd., China officially released a brand-new product - SINAMICS S120 chassis. Inherited consistent high quality and innovative hi-tech from SINAMICS family, SINAMICS S120 is finally emerging with a century of experience and practice.
As a totally upgraded product of Master Drives, SINAMICS S120 is of high performance, based on the unified SINAMICS design platform. In Comparison to Master Drives, SINAMICS S120 adopts numerous innovative technologies which help the new series SINAMICS reach a completely new level, with smaller size and higher performance. With an environmentally-friendly concept, the product's operation noise is controlled to a certain low level. S120 impresses the whole industry much by its hi-sensitive module design and powerful industry IT integration capability. Besides, supported by professional selection tool – SIZER and friendly commissioning tool – STARTER, SINAMICS S120 centralizes the optimized drives solution for customers.
SINAMICS S120 is particularly suitable for high-precision control, high-motion response, and other complicated synergy drives field, such as mining and metals, paper, escalator, transmission, oil drilling, text platform, printing and machine tools etc.,
The Senior Vice President of IA&DT of SLC, Mr. Wang Haibin addressed at the speech: "Product Innovation and localization will increase the level of technology and service, shorten the delivery time and cost effectively, more close to the market. Our efforts in enhancing local R&D are increasing ever more in order to meet the requirements from market demand in China". In order to satisfy the demand of China market and Chinese customers, SINAMICS S120 is produced locally in Siemens Electrical Drives Ltd., Tianjin (SEDL) since Jan., 2010. Thus SINAMICS S120 has become another localized product of high-performance in SINAMICS family. With the prerequisite of high quality, localized production will enable Siemens better serve local customers by providing competitive price, faster delivery and fast-responding service etc.

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