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In recent years, with the trend of energy-saving and low carbon emission lead by the concept of green energy, the production value of LED lighting and its application increased year on year. New type of display concepts are put on the stage of industrial development. The use of LED lighting has gradually entered into the national key projects from general engineering, into the road lighting from the landscape lighting, into the general lighting from the special lighting. At the same time, the relevant state policies have also been introduced one after another in order to encourage the development of new display industry.


Shanghai World Expo (Group) Co., Ltd. is the sole undertaker of China International Industry Fair, who holds the decision-making on the use of advanced lighting products in Expo Land as the developer of some Expo pavilion. Since November 2008, Shanghai World Expo Group hands with China Association of Lighting industry SSL Committee and Shanghai Optoelectronics Trade Association to build "City Lighting and LED Area" on China International Industry Fair successfully. In 2010, the three parties will dedicate together to build a newly-named exhibition - "LED lighting" With the support by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, the exhibition will be build as a high level, result-oriented international exchange and trading platform. The products on the new LED display field will be put into the exhibit category of the "LED lighting” exhibition.


China International Industry Fair is a State-organized, internationally oriented trade fair on manufacturing equipment. With a 11-year history, CIIF has been a best business platform of customer-contact, product-promotion, brand-broadcast, with the display of the cutting-edge products and technologies of the world on the filed of manufacturing equipment.



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