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LSD Tech. SSD Server & Supercomputer

LSD Tech Co., Ltd has technology Know-How for more than 10 years Possessing Technology of providing service of Video-Clip to thousands of people at the same time from One-Server

LSD Tech Co., Ltd has High-technology of Product invented by own which Supercomputer is based on SSD Server and it is hundred times faster in processing data than HDD Supercomputer

This Product is High-Technology which can reduce Electricity-Power usage & Carbon Release, Space saving and maintenance cost can be minimized.

At the forefront of revolutionizing lifestyle through technological innovation, LSD Tech Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of SSD server, storage, and supercomputers. LSD Tech Co., Ltd is the central hub for SSD technology, producing and manufacturing DBMS Server (200,000 IOPS) and VOD Server(At the same time serving 3,000 people Video-Clip Service(20Gbps)) with its proven reliability, performance, compatibility, and extendibility of SSD as well as possessing manufacturing technology for 5,120 core ~ 153,600 core supercomputers.

LSD Tech Co., Ltd currently possesses the technology for 3D One stop service system(Visual Global Co., Ltd) and SSD server, super computer system (LSD Tech Inc.) & No-Glass 3D TV (Beijing Peony Electronics Group) in conjunction with its family corporations including Chinese(Beijing Peony Electronics Group), Beijing LPDisplays Co., Ltd, and Visual Global Co., Ltd of Korea as well as enterprising in virtual desktop(PC) cloud system (Desktop(PC) Virtualization Cloud System)

With the foundations in manufacturing of SSD server, storage, and supercomputers, LSD Tech Inc. aims to build on the preparations we have already made to advance into the various service industries, such as the gaming and VOD service industry, Cloud Supercomputer (Render Farm) rental industry, and mobile (Smart-phone) advertisement industry. With the green IT environment that LSD Tech Co., Ltd. promotes, we will able to provide customers with faster and more reliable services and improve their quality of life.


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