5G takes center stage at industry fair-CIIF 
14-18 September 2021 NECC(Shanghai)
5G takes center stage at industry fair

More than 2,600 exhibitors, including many of the world's biggest tech firms, are attending this year's China International Industry Fair (CIIF), an annual event which opened today in Shanghai.

5G technology is a highlight of this year's fair.

China Mobile, the world’s biggest mobile carrier, is displaying its latest 5G-powered applications, covering urban management, virtual reality, robotics and other sectors.

5G-connected sensors are now installed in tunnels and bridges in Shanghai for real-time monitoring and safety purposes. Meanwhile, a 5G-connected robot is interacting with visitors at several CIIF booths. 

In 2019, 10,000 5G base stations will cover the whole downtown Shanghai. The city will spend 30 billion yuan (US$4.4 billion) to build 30,000 5G base stations by 2021, offering full 5G coverage.

With new technologies such as 5G and AI, navigation and smart driving services will benefit greatly, industry officials said during the CIIF. 

The positioning accuracy of these technologies is within centimeters now, compared with meters previously, which will boost various mapping and smart driving applications, said Shanghai-based CHC Navigation.

CHC Navigation now supports the China-developed Beidou Navigation System.

A girl tries to talk with a 5G-connected robot during the CIIF. 


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